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Why You Could Benefit from Training for a Fork Lift Truck

Fork lift hire services make it easy to rent a vehicle for a particular amount of time – and with so many agencies hoping to obtain fresh business, there has never been a better time than now to consider hiring instead of purchasing. But why might a company benefit from renting as opposed to buying a work truck outright?

Only using a vehicle when it is needed

Fork lifts aren’t small by any standard, and although they are far easier to manoeuvre than larger types of vehicle; they still require storage space. If a company was to need the services of one of these types of vehicle for a single week in a month, they will be responsible for storing it for the other three weeks if they were to own it.

If they opted to rent a truck for the week however, they could pick it up, make use of its features and then return it to the agency without any further obligation.

Long term usage

There may be times when a company requires a forklift for an extended period of time (consider organisations that require a fleet of vehicles, for example). In these instances, most rental agencies such as AllAreasForkLifthire in Australia will extend a greater savings potential to customers that want to consistently pay for the use of a vehicle.


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These deals are often cheaper, as a firm will be far more likely to cater to the needs of their long term clients than to those who rent few and far between.

No need to pay in a single lump sum

It’s no secret that buying a vehicle of any type can be pretty expensive. This single lump sum payment can take a huge toll on a companies’ finances and it’s this fact that has led so many businesses to opt for rental services. By deciding on a monthly cost, it’s fairly straight forward to maintain a contract by paying the costs every four weeks. If you intend using your forklift yourself, rather than contracting a forklift driver, it is important that you first have a forklift license and have gained your Rigging Ticket.

The vehicle will never truly be owned by the company leasing it, but it’s highly unlikely that a hiring firm will want to repossess their vehicle – unless rental fees aren’t met. This means that a truck could be used for months, if not years, without any interruption in service – and should any issues arise relating to the performance of the vehicle, the agency (or their insurance) will be responsible for catering to the costs.


Personalisation options

As beneficial as it might sound to purchase a truck and then customise it with the relevant decals and logos, in reality there are plenty of agencies that are happy to allow their clients to personalise their vehicles – especially if they have a fleet to match. Being able to treat a truck in much the same way as if it was your own can be a great benefit; especially as there’s no obligation to buy it.

Just don’t do this when you hire your forklift !!!