About Us

About CBDA.

Dragon boating was introduced to Canberra in 1990 by a few individuals keen on developing the sport and culture of Dragon Boats. The Canberra Dragon Boats Association Inc. (CDBA) was established in 1995, operating from Lotus Bay on Lake Burley Griffin, using the facilities of the Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club. From these small beginnings the CDBA continues to grow with new members joining daily and more teams forming each year.  Today the CDBA has over 800 members across 10 sporting teams and 3 school teams.



The Origins of CBDA.

The CDBA is a community of people from all the Canberra teams who share a common goal to be active and successful participants in this fun and exhilarating team sport.

Membership of the CDBA peaks at the March Canberra Festival Regatta, and includes sporting, social and corporate teams and schools.




Who We Are At CBDA.

The CDBA is a full member of the Australian Dragon Boat Federation and is recognised as a peak body by ACT Sport and Recreation. The CDBA provides and maintains a number of dragon boats for each of the clubs to use, along with equipment such as paddles, sweep oars, canoes and rowing machines. During peak season, the dragon boats  can be seen on the lake every day.