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Green Start
Braille Battery, a leader in Racing and Automotive Battery Technology continues to push forward with initiative that will keep our planet and our customers racing now and in the future.
The Braille “GreenStart” program is designed to give back to our communities, customers and racing teams. Braille Batteries that are distributed worldwide are made in the USA.

1. First RoHS compliant racing battery to win 24 hour endurance races.
2. Up to 5X lighter weight for less energy consumed in transportation market.
3. Safe automotive compliant charging voltages and output parameters to require less products to be purchased to allow the use of these batteries into existing platforms.
4. 98% maximum charge efficiency to make sure the power output from the alternator of wall charger is not wasted into heat.
5. Modular design and proprietary feature provide longer life and less waste after product use.
6. Overall Braille Battery produces the most powerful, efficient Lithium-Ion battery in the automotive marketplace.

1. The recycling process is the highest of any automotive battery. Braille Batteries use recycled lead, plastic, stainless steel and even reclaims the acid in the recycling process. Some of the “waste” material from recycling is even used as fertilizer.
2. Braille Batteries that do not meet the quality performance standards are assigned to programs which controls waste output. This process ensures the highest quality longest lasting product for the customer.
3. Braille designs their racing battery posts, mounts and chargers to be lifetime products. Braille’s new Carbon Fiber battery line lasts up to 2-3x longer than normal automotive batteries. Customers can opt to simply replace the battery and not all the accessories at the end of the product lifecycle.
4. Braille handles all warranties directly with customers. This ensures that all defective products can be recycled.
5. Braille Batteries have the equivalent power of a much larger battery. This equals greater efficiency for the vehicle and less fuel consumption and load on all components. The patented “Power Path Grids” result in higher efficiency than other AGM batteries and uses less lead to achieve equal or greater power. More power also results in less material used to achieve the required power levels.
6. Braille Batteries are charged on site using in house efficient chargers. Braille Batteries hold their factory charge for up to 6 months, which lessens the need to waste energy recharging before use.
7. Highest “Pulse Cranking Amps” to the pound which shortens vehicle start time. This reduces wasted fuel and high emissions during the initial starting procedure.
8. Overall Braille Battery produces the most powerful, cleanest AGM battery in the automotive marketplace.

• Seek ways to evolve current battery technology
• Work directly with Universities and Labs to develop a database of shared open source knowledge.
• Involve students in “Green” technology
• Collaborate with companies to develop green solutions
• Utilize recycled materials in battery production
• Create new Hybrid/ EV transportation technology
• Make “Going Green” cool to younger demographic
• Provide precedent for Hybrid racing technology
• Collaborate with companies to develop green solutions

Technical Assistance: Braille can offer technical partnership with customers to help meet green initiatives and build better products for a better future